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"Divorce, it happens"!

The home has to be sold, who should we use as an impartial Realtor? I can help!!!!!

     Selling a home due to a divorce sucks, there's no two ways about it.  
You've work hard designing and creating the perfect family home. Now you're faced with a divorce!  Many of us have gone through this, we all survived, and yes it's hard but you will get through it!  
So now let's deal with the realities of liquidating the largest asset you have, your home !  Each of you have a friend who is a "Realtor" but you really don't want your personal life known to everyone nor do you trust the other's choice due to a bias towards the other party.  So you begin to search of someone trusted, knowledgeable and has the ability to sell your home quickly, for the highest dollar amount the market it allow.  Time to stop looking, your personal affairs are just that "Personal" no one needs to know about the situation.  My promise to you is to be discrete and professional with all your information.   
"You need the money to start your new life and every penny counts."
These were my thoughts when it happened to me!  I knew I needed someone trustworthy and who understood the emotional roller coaster I was on, let alone the friction between me and my soon to be ex.  The choice can be easy knowing the right Realtor, one who will lookout for your best interest and not just selling your home. If you're looking for someone who is impartial, unbiased and understand what the final goal is, keeping everyone focused on that goal, I think we should meet and talk about selling your home.  
My name is Garry Lipko and I want to help you sell your home, closeout this chapter in your life and start a new beginning, for everyone involved.
It's not a easy thing to do, selling your largest asset but it has to be done.  Please allow me the opportunity to earn your trust and business by meeting with me.  We can all meet together or individually, I will listen to each of you and when were finished all will understand what it will take to accomplish this sale.  Once we all have a understanding of the process and agreeing to work together, we can list the property, sell the house and each party can begin the new stage of their life.    
I'm not here to take sides! 
I'm not here to agree or disagree with what has happened in the past!  
I'm here to sell your home and watch each of you begin a new adventure in life.  
That's the goal.....
Let's get started!!!!
Call or email anytime!!!
 Garry Lipko
So what's my home worth?                                                      
Will it sell quickly?                                                           What's my home worth?
What do I need to do to sell it ?
All good questions!  
  1. First we need to prepare a comprehensive comparable analysis to understand what's going on in your market.  Looking at the current homes on the market and reviewing the past sales for the last 6 months.  
  2. Then we set a time we can meet at the home, I will view the home, area and updates you have done to the house.  
  3. Taking all this into consideration and showing you the market value through the accumulated data, we can come to consensuses on the sale price together.  
My job is to guide you through the process and allow you to make sound decisions. It will be up to everyone involved to be clear and precise, listening, learning and moving towards the goal of a successful sale.   

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